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Staying safe this summer | IMPAC health and safety 47

21 December, 2018

With the summer holidays almost upon us, now’s the perfect time to think about what we can do to be sure we’re still looking after our health and safety in the silly season. Read more

Top recognition for Dan Davis | IMPAC health and safety 46

12 December, 2018

Dan Davis, one of our Health and Safety Specialists, has been recognised as one of the best and brightest of the younger generation in health and safety management. Read more

Mental health at a high level | IMPAC health and safety 45

28 November, 2018

Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to improve the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. But, according to the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, leaders are often unsure what they should be doing in this space. Read more

Sitting on the job? | IMPAC health and safety 44

22 November, 2018

It’s no secret that sitting in an office chair all day isn’t doing our bodies any favours. The negative effects have been well researched, documented, and published. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we can do to counteract the consequences. Read more

Should ACC cover sickness too? | IMPAC health and safety 43

16 November, 2018

Sir Geoffrey Palmer has stated that the Accident Compensation Corporation shouldn’t just cover people incapacitated by accidents – it should cover sickness and disability too. Read more

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week | IMPAC health and safety 42

8 October, 2018

Today marks the start of Mental Heath Awareness Week, the week-long reminder to grow, support, and nurture your wellbeing. Read more

The complexity of overlapping PCBU duties highlighted by fatality | IMPAC health and safety 41

1 October, 2018

The 2016 death of a worker in the kiwifruit industry has highlighted the complex issue of PCBU duties when multiple PCBUs are involved, and it has raised questions of health and safety accountability. Read more

Can overworking lead to diabetes for women? | IMPAC health and safety 40

19 September, 2018

A new study has revealed that working long hours has been linked with an increased risk of diabetes among women. Read more

Preparing for ISO 45001 | IMPAC health and safety 39

7 September, 2018

The new standard for health and safety management systems is here – is your business ready? Read more

Request denied for reduced fine | IMPAC health and safety 38

3 September, 2018

Three companies fined earlier in the year for failing to comply with workplace duties have requested appeals, with mixed results. Read more