Risk Manager enables you to sleep easier


Having accurate health and safety information provides actionable insights boards, executives, managers, supervisors and workers need to help ensure people return home, safe and well to their loved ones, everyday. 


IMPAC has been delivering health and safety services for nearly 20 years. 13 years ago we recognised that our clients and New Zealand would benefit from a cloud-based risk management solution. There wasn’t one available so we worked with IT experts and built Risk Manager.

Risk Manager is designed in New Zealand for the New Zealand workplace. It’s highly intuitive and flexible and perhaps most importantly, it's aligned with leading health and safety practices. 


Risk Manager is a sophisticated health and safety and risk management software solution designed to:

  • Provide risk management processes – To meet your health and safety requirements and keep people safe
  • Avoid fragmentation – Capture and record key information all in one place rather than having it held in multiple systems or procedures 
  • Provide knowledge and assist foresight – Through comprehensive and customisable reporting
  • Increase reporting of incidents or near misses – Due to ease of use
  • Be scalable  Risk Manager's range of fully integrated modules provide a flexible and comprehensive platform to record, monitor and control your risk and compliance requirements
  • Help improve internal processes – Which helps improve safety and business outcomes.


Risk Manager's combination of fully integrated modules provides a comprehensive platform for companies to record, monitor and control their health and safety, risk and auditing requirements.



Risk Manager: some interesting statistics

2,000,000 +

The number of automated notifications, reminders, or workflows emailed each year.

250,000 +

The number of contractors, staff, and volunteers recorded in Risk Manager.

100,000 +

The number of H&S events recorded in Risk Manager each year, 75% of which were near misses.