H W Richardson Group 

“….. My experience with IMPAC has been very positive.  It’s always been professional and I’ve developed a very positive partnership with Impac.  We use them for training, we use them for software support and we run Risk Manager which has been a great tool.  The wider partnership I have with IMPAC has been invaluable to me.”

Mike Gebbie -  General Manager Risk, H W Richardson Group



“………Working with IMPAC really has been a partnership.  It’s been anything but text book as they have come into our organisation and had a look at where we are and what we were wanting to achieve and then they worked with us. 


We developed a leadership programme which was about really starting to change the fundamental mind set of leaders at all levels within ANZCO.  And developed something that’s unique for our environment – it’s been outstanding”


I would absolutely recommend Impac, as would our Managing Director and senior leadership team as IMPAC has been partnering with them as well as myself.

Kirstie Gardener – General Manager Human Resources, ANZCO

HW Richardson
Mike Gebbie General Manager Risk for H W Richardson Group
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Kirstie Gardener General Manager Human Resources for ANZCO.
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